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Blog V: In Search of "Drago"

What makes Rocky so cool to me is the complete saga, including the back story. This includes everything from him writing it, to demanding the lead, to who didn't want to be in it, etc. It has so many iconic scenes and quips, from running the stairs, to the chasing kids, Adrian, raw eggs, life rebounds, Roman numerals, the Cold War, "Ding Ding", MR. T, and of course "Cuff" and "Link"??? I would even argue V, VI, & VII have some value, at least in a "moral of the story" kind of way... V - keep healthy because at 50+ he looked ridiculous, VI - respect your fans because VI was a direct result of V leaving people hanging with his "retirement", and be a teacher whenever possible - VII. But, "Drago" you say???

Rocky IV features "THE" Russian. The Soviet. The unbreakable machine!!! IVAN DRAGO!!! Coming off the Clubber Lang victory, and clearly surviving Apollo Creed post credits, Rocky was on top of the world. Except, at that particular time, a little conflict known as the "Cold War" was reigning strong. Tension around the globe was massive. The Nuclear arms race was moving at lightning speed. Reagan went all "George Lucas" on us and thought it would be a good idea to try and space lazers and stuff! And, Drago killed Apollo. DOH!!!

The governments called each other out, Apollo, rest his soul, was gone, Rocky killed it in the ice-capped mountains, Ivan was a wall of muscle & drugs, and James Brown was back!!! So, they fight. Starts out as predicted... the Soviet seems unbeatable. Over and over, it seems like there is no freaking way this is going to end well. But it's Hollywood right! An weer MURICANS!!! An thayre COMMEES!!! An fer crist sak, JAMES BROWN SAID SO!!!

Then... back he comes. Drago becomes miffed by his inability to squash this wee little American. And it happens. Rocky believes it's possible. Then... BAM!!! Game on! The amazing impossible (inevitable) occurs, where Rocky makes you proud to be an American and drops the Soviet! Fast forward... "The Speech". Rock'o- "Blah blah, blah blah, blah blah blah, let's just get along, and leave the fighting in the ring, blah blah blah." World peace, closing credits.

I think we as Americans need a new "Drago". Something/one that seems unbeatable. Someone/thing that seems so powerful that they/it can't be beat or achieved. Doesn't have to be a Russian, or Iranian, or Palestinian, or Turk, or Homegrown wacko, or a Frenchman. Well, definitely not a Frenchman, because no one would buy that. Or a Canadian. Nice people though. Something to rally around as a unified front/nation. It should be an issue. A common goal. A win-win for everyone. Because right now everyone is sitting back, fighting their own selfish, justifiable in most cases (immigration, reproductive rights, guns, speech, etc.), battles, with no interest in finding common ground, anywhere.

I don't know... maybe a milkshake for all campaign? BUT WHAT ABOUT THE lactose intolerant camp!?!? Right. Suggestions are welcome.

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