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"Where Do You Call Home"

‘Home’ is a word with the ability to be defined differently by each person describing theirs. Be it a place, a person, or mindset, artist Gavin M. asks listeners to think about their version of ‘home’ in his new EP, 'Where Do You Call Home?’

Described as a project about “love, loss, and growth,” each emotion is audibly transparent after listening to the EP from start to finish. “It’s a story that you’ve heard before,” described Gavin on his personal, but approachable, story told through music. While the narrative may be familiar, the construction of the project is not. Most songs were written in real time, each one expressing the exact emotions of each experience as it happened, and when listened to in order constructs a clear beginning, middle, and end that’s as clear as the plot points of a thesis or narrative theory.

Gavin's sound would be universally welcomed in dive bars and stadiums alike; it's the type of classic folk that fits between the St. Louis bars and coffee shops seamlessly, but pulls influence from classic rock and indie music for noise that's ageless.

St. Louis listeners are able to take their relations to the music even further as they recognize local shoutouts and landmarks of their city scattered across the EP, subtly paying tribute to the area worn in and loved like an old pair of Levis by the locals, but often skipped over in the likes of mainstream radio. The bluesy folk inspired sound of Gavin’s work is also representative of the area, whose residents seem more than inclined to favor the sound of Americana, regardless.

"My music is a way to impact other people," Gavin said. "People don't have to feel so alone."

Though Gavin’s sound is recognizable, so is everything we love about the city and experiences he's gained insiration from. The comfort of our favorite local locations never get old, and neither do the stories that circulate throughout the town time and time again, which makes the relative feeling of repose in 'Where Do You Call Home?' feel as fitting and familiar as Cherokee street.

Gavin M. will be debuting “Where Do You Call Home” this Friday, Feb. 16 at The Monocle. He will be joined by New York singer/songwriter Emily Cavanagh. Music starts at 8pm.

Find Gavin on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Facebook.

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