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Eimear Arkins Trad Session @ Gaslight

It’s no secret that St. Louis is swimming with talent; bars and local lounges host homegrown artists daily and the eclectic energy of the music scene in the city is undeniable. Included in the mix is Eimear Arkins, a singer/songwriter with international flair currently planting her roote in Missouri.

Born in Ireland, Arkins moved to St. Louis in 2011 for a year abroad at St. Louis University and returned again later to complete a master’s degree at Mizzou. Although her degree is in journalism, Arkins has honed in on her musical talents and continues to perform and teach while she stays in the states.

“I just love Missouri,” Said Arkins. “No one in Ireland knows where Missouri is, but I just really like St. Louis and I really wanted to stay after graduation and work here...they gave me a visa to play the fiddle, so that’s what I’m doing!”

Currently teaching music at St. Louis Irish Arts, Arkins is able to share her knowledge of performing internationally with her students. She’s been on several international tours and will be on the road in the US, Ireland, and Italy later this summer. Before she goes global, she’ll be hitting some local spots to perform, including Gaslight for a traditional trad session (think ‘jam band’, but with less electric guitars and drum solos and more acoustic and pub feels).

Arkins will be performing a variety of music at the Gaslight session on Saturday, June 23rd, including original songs from her new album, which will be available for purchase at the event. She’s also bringing friends; harpist Eileen Gannon will also be in the studio providing beautiful music to the large crowd sure to be packing the lounge this weekend.

So what can you expect from a traditional Irish trad session here in St. Louis?

“They can expect some lively Irish dance tunes, traditional ballads, and perhaps even a song or two in the Irish language,” said Arkins.

In Irish fashion, attendees can also expect rounds of Jameson and Guinness to be flowing throughout the bar to make things feel just a little more on brand, for Irish booze pairs best with fiddles, harps, and dancing until last call.

Join us at Gaslight on Saturday night to experience a trad session for yourself. Music begins at 7pm.

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