scrub & Ace Ha

Veteran emcee SCRUB (St. Louis) and producer ACE HA (Los Angeles) have teamed up to create a classic that showcases their collective experience. Listeners will hear elements of golden-era Boom Bap weaved seamlessly with progressive sounds and intricate lyrics. Ranging from lighthearted storytelling to biting social critiques, these two artists deliver a listening experience that is both engaging and heartfelt.

SCRUB and ACE HA had a breakthrough year in 2017, releasing 16 music videos as well as the album STLA. These releases included the wildly successful Plastic Rock series and Sneaker Tweaker video, and let to performance slots at Boogaloo Music Festival, Burning Man, Freedom Fest and more. In 2018 they've performed a sold-out show with BROOKROYAL, Mayor’s Ball, Disco De Mayo, Pointfest, and Loufest, amongst others.

Past festivals performances for SCRUB and ACE HA include Taste of St. Louis, Cinco de Mayo Cherokee, Totem Fest, SLUM Fest, Timechaser and more, as well as performing alongside artists such as Macy Gray, DJ Swamp, Prof, Blueprint, Nappy Roots, The Cool Kids, JC Brooks, Louis Logic, Joeski, Dirty Radio, Palmer Squares, Brother Ali and many more.